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Hiring a new employee is exciting, but can be scary at the same time.  It is important they are a good fit for your team but you need to be cautious of the person's history.  By not being thorough, not only can you get someone that doesn't work well with your team, but they can also be a huge liability, costing you thousands of dollars.  A person's past is a good indicator of how they will interact with your business in the future.  By allowing us to do the background for you, you will have solid information so you can make an educated and  informed decision. Armed with information, you can hopefully hire someone who will be with your team for years to come.

Employee Background Checks


Corporate Investigations

Unfortunately, Incidents like the following can happen:

  • A disgruntled employee complaint.

  • A serious complaint by a customer.

  • An employee-related motor vehicle accident.

  • Suspected theft by an employee.

  • Sexual harassment claim.

  • An employee is calling in sick but they are really out fishing (or other!).


By having an outside investigator look into the issue, it helps cover you as an employer from accusations of bias. Many times, you just don’t have the staffing or knowledge to investigate it.  With over 20 years of investigation experience dealing with crimes and employee issues, I can be that investigator for you. This allows you to do what you do well - running your business!


Sebens Enterprises, LLC can help you with many different types of investigations.  Are you looking for someone that owes you money?  Do you need to get a message to a missing relative?  Are you involved in a civil suit, custody battle, or criminal case and you need witnesses interviewed? 


We are here for you in these types of investigations, and many more,

Private Investigations

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