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What We Do

-Private Investigations-

Corporate Business Investigations - internal investigations involving employees, customers, business theft both internal or external.

Insurance Investigations - Investigating to determine if a claim is a legitimate claim, claim investigations, accident investigation review and witness interviews. 

People Searches - Locating missing persons, runaways, clients who owe money but cant be found to collect from, missing relatives and friends.

Criminal Investigations - Fact finding, interviewing witnesses, reviewing video footage.

Civil Investigation of Crimes - Not every crime can be investigated by Law Enforcement.  Not every crime can be filed on by the District Attorney but you as a victim can still take legal action against those that have harmed you.

Civil Investigations - Investigating the facts and evidence in civil litigation including custody issues.

General Investigating - Do you have an issue that is not listed but it needs to be looked into? Call and we will discuss if we are the best option.

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